Stray dog caught on camera carrying empty bowl everywhere he goes in hope someone would feed him


Imagine not knowing where your next meal is coming from. It’s a harsh reality that many people face. But people aren’t the only ones suffering from a hungry belly. Animals- particularly dogs and cats- can go without food for days or even weeks if they are homeless.

One particular dog has had to learn how to fend for himself in the most unsuspecting way. The World Animal Awareness Society caught this incredible dog in action during his desperate search for food.

This miraculous pup carries his food dish from door to door, begging and pleading with any human he comes into contact with. His only hope is for his food dish to be filled so that he can have enough strength to make it through another day on the streets.

The World Animal Awareness Society has made it their mission to help dogs like this find the help they need. No warm-blooded creature should have to go a day without food. It’s a basic right that many of us take for granted.

Because they know how hard it is for these precious animals to survive on their own, the World Animal Awareness Society has taken it upon themselves to spread the message of how many animals are in need of help. That’s why they filmed this sweet dog, whose only wish is to have a full belly and a home to call his own.

If you are considering getting a pet, visit a shelter instead of a breeder! There are plenty of sweet creatures who need loving homes, and yours just might be a perfect match.

Watch more in the video below.

Many wonder what they can possibly do to help these poor animals. The first step is to help the World Animal Awareness Society spread their message by passing this video along to as many people as you possibly can.