Pet Parrot frightened three cats by mimicking them


The squawking or screeching sound of parrot seems quite familiar. Even hearing them talk is quite common. Perhaps our teachers and parents do teach us about this sound of the bird but did they know everything? Maybe this comical clip can give the answer. This video clip portrays the pet parrot trying to establish a conversation with some Kitty. To be very obvious, the kitties were really confused to see that a different looking animal speaking up their language. This smart pet parrot decided to join the group of the three cats as they were residing on the bed.

The cats were really confused and that can be easily understood by the way they were staring at the bird. The parrot in return stares at them and opened out his mouth and makes the sound – meow.  The three cats chilled to the bone as they hear the meow sound from their feathery friend. The parrot must have done quite a great practice to take out the cat sound. Among the three cats, a brave cat tries to come closer to the parrot and steps back by hearing the hissing sound from their new friend.

Thus, the parrot is excellent at mimicking. These three cats were really lost or better to say that they were really frightened to hear the different sounds from their furry friend. But the parrot was really confident on whatever he was doing. Watch this funny video to know what the cats did next. Did they succeed in grabbing the parrot? Or the parrot showed his attitude till the last?