Dog desperately chases behind owner’s car after being dumped at lake – let’s help police identify man.


A gut-wrenchingly sad moment caught on camera at California’s Lake Ming shows a dog running after his owner’s vehicle after he was dumped there.
The poor animal visibly refused to part from his master as the man headed back toward his sedan and got ready to drive away. The dog places his front paws on the man’s car door in an attempt to enter, yet his master floors it and the black car takes off.

The heartbreaking footage is making its way across the web as the owner can be observed physically hitting and leaving his blameless dog.
At the scene, Steven Silver caught the incident on camera from a short distance away.
In this footage, it’s possible to discern Silver’s voice as he shoots the footage: “Hell no, that’s your dog man. That’s fucked up. This guy is dumping his dog right here.”

The ex-pet owner is seen walking the dog some distance from the car in Silver’s video, yet his unsuspecting pet has zero idea what’s going to take place next.

The man deliberately throws his pooch out his sedan while himself getting back inside behind the wheel. Next, he rapidly drives away, abandoning his innocent dog, who runs after him as he leaves.
The ex-owner started getting physically aggressive with Silver when Steven confronting him about his reasons for treating the dog so violently.
Silver commented beneath the Facebook video footage, saying: “These people were hitting this dog in the face when I first approached them. They then abandoned the dog after the male tried to get into a physical altercation with me.
While the ex-owned sped away, he was shouting: “It’s your dog not mine.”

It’s been reported that Animal Services for the county have started looking into the event and asking the general public for any info they might have.

For their inhumane behavior, the dog’s ex-owners may be up against charges for a misdemeanour once they have been identified.

Every animal deserves the right to a happy and abuse-free life. I believe the man who committed this heartless action should face justice.

Check out the footage here to find out more about what happened: