Vet breaks the alarm on pets dying scared and alone and blames the owners!


Putting your pet to sleep is not an easy decision. In fact, it can be the hardest decision that any pet owner can make. However, the sad truth is that sometimes putting your pet to sleep is necessary so that your pet doesn’t continue to suffer.

During those last minutes before pets are put to sleep, their owners can unintentionally make it even more hard for them.

Jessi Dietrich reported on Twitter about her experience when speaking to a vet about the worst part of his job. He told her that he finds putting animals to sleep the most difficult. However, what is even harder is that way the owners handle the procedure which can really make a big difference.

The vet said that most owners don’t want to be with their pets during their last moments, so they are left to die alone. This makes the animals panic as they don’t understand why their owners are not there.

Jessi’s post began to gain a lot of attention on social media. People began to share their own experience of saying goodbye to their pets.

“He screamed when everyone else touched him so I made sure he was happy and I held my boy and he was purring cause I did,” wrote Kinsey

“All my three boys, my wife and I were sitting in the living room with our boy Luke. It was the hardest day. I hope he still watches over us,” wrote another owner.