Fat cat burglar keeps sneaking into woman’s garage to steal food – gets stuck in doggy’s door


Everyone must be familiar with Garfield, the ginger cat. He is a staple in comic strips, and he even had his own animated series and movie! Garfield made the world fall in love with him and his love for sleeping, annoying Otis the dog and eating, especially lasagna. What if you found a cat similar to Garfield in real life? Well, some residents in Oregon found the closest counterpart to the cat in real life!

Oregon Humane Society got a cat delivered to them. The cat grabbed everyone’s attention because of his looks. Cats are known to be lithe and nimble. They are built for stealth and speed. Their agility is quite impressive too. But the cat in this case was the total opposite. He was the fattest and stockiest cat they had ever seen! They aptly named him Goliath.

If his looks weren’t interesting enough, his story certainly is. The people who brought him in found him in their garage. He had broken in to steal some pet food, but he had gotten stuck because he was so fat! Everyone at the shelter was also in awe by this huge cat. This kitty was then vaccinated and put up for adoption. Let’s hope this Garfield doppelganger finds his John!

Check out the full video below: