Father Of The Bride Dies After Dancing With His Daughter At Her Wedding


In this day and age, it is hard to know when is the last time you will see someone you love.

You can plan for many things in life, but you can never be prepared for a tragedy, especially when it happens so out of the blue. Even if you had an idea something horrible might happen, it is hard to emotionally prepare.

While celebrating his daughter’s wedding in Costa Rica, Tim Buchanan suffered a fatal heart attack – just moments after his father-daughter dance with his daughter Michele.

Tim’s wife, Jeni, has taken to Facebook to share her grief over the loss of the “most beautiful soul” with her friends and family. The post has gained popularity in spite of this tragedy, generating many comments from strangers sending their condolences and spreading the message that you never know when the last time is really the last time.


Tim Buchanan, a 54-year-old veteran detective from the York County Sheriff’s Department had a heart attack just minutes after his father-daughter dance at his daughter Michele’s wedding.


The entire family had traveled to Costa Rica over the weekend to celebrate the wedding.

Michele’s mother, Jeni, took to Facebook to share with her family and friends the tragic moment from the wedding.


“You never know when the last time will be the last time! Tim came into my life at a time when I was broken to the core and held me up and built me into a strong person. Over the years we raised four amazing children, cared for my little brothers when they needed us the most and had even had the honor of a beautiful grandchild. He was the most beautiful soul I have ever known and I will never be the same without him. I know he loved me and our family. I am so very grateful for this image of us that our dear friends Kelly Rae Stewart and her husband snuck during our daughter’s wedding yesterday. Little did I know just a few hours later we would lose him. “


Jeni, who is photographed above at her 2014 vow renewal with Tim, has been devastated by the loss. She said in her Facebook post:

“For now, just pray. He was always the one to make us feel better when things went wrong and so we need all the prayers we can get.”



A friend of Jeni’s created a GoFundMe for the family to help pay for the expenses of Tim’s funeral and to help with Jeni’s grieving process to allow her some time off of work after the death of her husband.


The friend wrote on the crowdfunding site:

“Jeni and Tim were so excited to head to Costa Rica a few days ago for their daughter’s wedding yesterday (9/3/16). If you know Jeni, you know how much Tim means to her, and how wonderful that love is that they share. During the wedding, after the father-daughter dance, Tim had a heart attack. Sadly, he didn’t survive it. Our hearts are broken for Jeni and their entire family. Through the shock of their terrible loss…”

At the time the family is not taking any phone calls, from family or outside, but we hope the support of so many generous people around the world, sending their love and support, can help uplift this family.

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