20 heartwarming photos that prove why all kids should grow up with a dog


There is nothing sweeter than the bond between a kid and their dog. From the moment they meet, they’re fast friends for life. Not only is it a way for children to learn about responsibility, it is also a way for them to learn what it is to unconditionally love someone. As you’ll see from the collection of photos below, there are countless reasons that kid-dog friendships are the greatest. Trust us, your heart will melt when you see theses, even if you’re a cat lover!

1. You always have a buddy to hang out with.


This little girl and her best dog friend seem inseparable as they sweetly gaze out the window together.

2. There’s no need for expensive baby furniture.


There are so many fancy highchairs, cushions, and carriers all designed with baby’s comfort in mind. But as this little guy proves, you just need a big, cuddly dog!

3. You always have someone watching over you.


This picture is so sweet! Our hearts are melting at the idea of this little cutie taking his big buddy for a walk.

4. Someone is always there to check up on you.


Just a little mid-nap snuggle to make sure she’s still comfy!

5. There’s always someone to cuddle with.


Being a toddler with a puppy means you guys get to share their bed, too!

6. Someone has always got your back.


There’s nothing like a hug from your best friend. Especially when they’re as cuddly as this guy!

7. You have someone to look stylish with.


We can’t get over how adorable this little girl looks in her furry, white get up! We imagine her dog is very flattered.

8. There will always be someone there to support you.


This little girl dreams of becoming a doctor, and lucky for her, she has the perfect first patient!

9. You know who her first kiss will be from.


She loves her best buddy, slobber and all!

10. You’ve always got someone looking out for you.


Having a dog is like having a second pair of eyes watching your baby at all times. They’re the perfect friend and protector!

11. There’s always someone to tuck you in.


This pup looks like he is smiling! Such a cute friendship.

12. There’s always someone to play with.


These are by far the two cutest cowboys we have ever seen!

13. You can always learn a new trick or two.


If you hang out long enough, you start to exhibit some of the same behaviors. In this case, it’s adorable!

14. Someone is always there to clean you up.


This baby never has to worry about having a messy face as long as his furry buddy is there!

15. You always have someone to strike a pose with.


And the results are the cutest we’ve ever seen! They’re such precious buddies!

16. You have someone to be goofy with.


What an adorable photobomb! We are dying over this baby’s expression!

17. There’s power in numbers.


What’s cuter than a baby with a dog? A baby with two dogs! This little guy looks like he knows how good he’s got it.

18. There’s always someone to go on adventures with.


It’s fun to go exploring with someone who can literally sniff out your next adventure.

19. The photo opportunities are endless.


Not to mention outrageously adorable! Just check out the wrinkles on these two little guys!

20. Most importantly, you’ll have a best friend for life.


The benefits that come from a bond as special as the one between a child and their dog are countless.

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