Cyclist Saves A Lost Kitten By Tucking Him In His Shirt, The Cat Can’t Stop Kissing Him


A helpless kitty was left a alone. Luckily, Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca passed by while he was out for a ride on his bike. He couldn’t just leave the kitty by itself, so he tucked the kitten in his shirt, as there wasn’t anything to carry the little one properly.

The kitten couldn’t be happier. He was desperate for help, but then this guy took him on an adventure. He sure did not mind being in a shirt at all. The two enjoyed the 6.2 mile journey together to Fonseca’s home. Later, he found the kitty a loving home, but we’re sure the trip would be a memory they’d never forget.

In a post on Facebook, Viitor shared: “Saving a little life today,I’m glad that he liked me and was not clawing me. All he did was play.” What’s even better than the story is that Viitor actually captured a video of them having a time together.

Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca was out for a ride on his bike when he saved a tiny lost kitten.
While the man was bringing him to safety, the kitty thanked him with kisses.