10 Animals In Love That Can Melt Even A Frozen Heart


‘When I think of you, my heart melts.

When I think of you, I am confused.

When I talk to you, my hands tremble.

When I talk to you, I get chattering teeth.

When I dream, you play the protagonist,

When I dream, I know everything just …

I know then that we belong together,

because I am in love with you …

To my ears”

Those words are true not only with human beings but with animals too. See examples here….

01. Oh dear Lord, that is way too cute.i know its not a poster but it speaks volumes about love

02. I’ll be your lioness, if you be my Love King

03. With you I feel good

With you I feel happy

You’re just me!

04. One kiss on your hair.

Two kisses on your sleeve.

Three kisses to say.

How much I love you.

05. Sharing my life with you

is now really what I want.

06. I find you completely crazy.


07. You give me a nice feeling,

8. A fire burns,

Deep in my heart.

For you.

09. I finally realize,

We are meant for each other.( Macro photography by Hasan Baglar.)

10. You are mine,

I am yours,

I tell you this:

I love you!

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