Evil Thieves Steal Puppy From Her Family, But They’re Soon Forced To Bring Her Back Home


They are microchipped and even wear GPS so that they can be tracked if they wander from my yard. I can’t imagine how I would feel if someone came into my home and harmed or stole one of my babies. Things like electronics and jewelry are just items, but my dogs are irreplaceable.

A family in Australia feels the same way. That’s why they were devastated when burglars broke into their home and stole, among other things, their daughter’s puppy.

“I was heartbroken, I’m still shaking … we are really sad,” Elena Sardi told ABC News.

They had only had Sasha for a short time, but their daughter was already very bonded to the adorable pup.

“I don’t care about the rest, but the dog, we want her home as soon as possible…It’s very difficult to explain to a four-year-old how something like this could happen, you never think that they would take a puppy.”

The family put out the word about the lost pup. They hoped someone would know something or that they could appeal to the burglars’ conscience. Then, they remembered that the dog was microchipped and that microchip, which could be scanned by any veterinarian or animal shelter, contained all of the owner’s information. Keeping the dog would mean that the burglars risked being caught.

With that fact in mind, it seems that the burglars were spooked and returned to the scene of the crime where they snuck around and returned the pup.