92 Yorkies are found living in small dark room Then rescuers come in and transform their lives


In California, before rescuers came to their aid, 92 Yorkshire terriers were forced to live in a small, crowded room filled with waste, mice, and feces.

Luckily, the sweet Yorkies were all rescued — and many of them are now ready for adoption into the loving forever homes they deserve.

The video below tells the story of Lucy, a 12-year-old Yorkie rescued from the California home. When Courtney Odor heard about the horrible condition these pups had been found in, she knew she wanted to do all she could to help, so she reached out to see if any of the rescued dogs were ready for adoption.

Courtney rescued Lucy, who had lost her teeth and was covered in sores, and brought her to a safe, happy, and loving forever home.

Although Lucy was timid and traumatized at first, Courtney says the sweet pup is doing better every day.

“She’s like a puppy in a 12-year-old dog’s body,” says Courtney. “It’s like she can be a puppy for the first time.”

There’s even a special Facebook group for all of the new dog parents of these rescued Yorkies. Although not all the rescued pups are ready to leave rehabilitation just yet, a few more are just getting ready for adoption.

Watch Lucy’s recovery and journey with her new loving family in the video below:
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