Woman Introduces Her Real Life Unicorn, Tinks. And She’s Got More Where He Came From.


The mythological, multi-colored unicorn has been a figment of our imagination and a legend since ancient times. Unicorns are a symbol of divinity and possibility. The animal is beautiful and majestic and also a symbol of pride, and as of late, they’ve become more mainstream and way more colorful! They’re mentioned everywhere from unicorn ice cream to unicorn coffee to a unicorn-themed waterpark! Who says they’re hard to find because it seems to me pop culture these days is all about the unicorn and their fun colors and glitter!

You won’t believe the number unicorn-related TV shows there are for children to watch. They’re really on to something with this animal, and more recently they can be seen outside of television as well because let’s face it, what kid (and some adults) wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with a real-life unicorn? That’s the thinking behind Pampered Ponies in Worcester, England, where unicorns are pretty much real.

Emily Woolley runs the farm and explains how she lovingly transforms her ponies into unicorns with the utmost respect and care. First off, she’s got a couple of differently sized ponies including an extra small one for very young children. They are also all white, so they’re the perfect blank canvases for a little (ok, a lot) splash of color. Emily uses non-toxic pony paint on the manes and tails of these animals. The product is designed to be used on animals, so it’s safe and “doesn’t hurt them in the slightest.” And wow, is it ever colorful! It adds a burst of the rainbow to the pony and looks pretty authentic — just like you’d see it on TV or in a children’s storybook!

The “unicorns” actually enjoy the extra pampering, and the families that come by for a ride love the idea! This is a one-of-a-kind celebration that brings so much joy to children on their special day. Imagine taking your grandkids here for their next birthday!

The ponies even come with an appropriately-sized horn on their head. After all, the look wouldn’t be complete without it. It’s the piece de resistance that makes the unicorn exactly that, a unicorn! What a cute and fun concept that gives these ponies something to do while bringing joy to the children who want to meet them! I’m sure there are a whole lot of animals in line waiting for their turn, as well! I would be!

Click below to see the legend become real!