10 Baking Blunders That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud And Cringe All At The Same Time


Baking is a science. While it may seem easy for some, forget one ingredient or add in the wrong amount, and you’ve got yourself a disaster. As the characters in the children’s cartoon, “Lazy Town,” once sang, “You gotta do the cooking by the book, you know you can’t be lazy. Never use a messy recipe, your cake will end up crazy.” Once you do start baking, you realize how true this silly song is.

While baking is a true feat, everyone enjoys spending some time in the kitchen and creating a delicacy from scratch, for their loved ones to enjoy. It’s just too bad that the people who made the goodies in this post can’t relate to that feeling!

Below are 10 examples of baking adventures gone completely wrong—seems like these people didn’t “cook by the book:”

1. Watery cookies

Not even sure what went wrong here. Not enough flour, no eggs, no baking soda? Did they add water to the batter? All of the above? Someone help me out here. I thought cookies were the easiest to bake.

2. Lumpy chocolate marble cake

It may be lumpy and not completely in one piece (you know, kind of like the feces you get after slight constipation), but I mean, it still looks edible. You’ve got to give them credit for that!

Image source: Recipes Table

3. Caved-in blueberry muffins

Caved-in or not, I’m really craving a blueberry muffin right now. (Although, I thought they were bagels at first.) The baker may have overstuffed the muffin cups, causing a dip in the center.

Image source: Cooking with Carrie

4. Cookies with sprinkle overload

This is what happens when you put children in charge of sprinkle duty. One may see this as a fail, but I see it as somebody finally understanding my sweet tooth and love for sprinkles.

5. Gooey birthday cake

No, a 5-year-old did not make this cake for their mom’s birthday. An adult made this German chocolate cake for her husband’s 29th birthday. She blames the bad icing work on not having an icing bag. I can’t say I could do any better!

6. Burnt Ricotta Cheesecake Bites

This baker attempted a recipe for cheesecake bites but skipped out on the crust and used ricotta instead of cream cheese. The bottoms ended up burnt and egg-like. What made this fail funny was that the tops of the bites looked exquisite, but once they were de-wrapped, the tragedy was discovered. (Good thing she didn’t sell them or give them to a neighbor!)