Young man feeds hungry, stray dog. Then pup repays his kindness in sweetest way ever


The heartwarming commercial below from Thailand’s Kiatnakin bank has something that is going to wow all hopeless romantics and dog lovers.

“The Dog,” is the title of the advertisement and it features one young businessman who decided to give a stray dog that is hungry some food. Though he thinks it’s a small favor, the dog never forgot the man’s act of kindness.

It’s after helping the poor dog that positive things start happening. He leaves his car at the parking spot only to come back to find it completely cleaned. Though he is thankful, he never knows the person behind the amazing deeds.

The dog still has other plans in mind for the young man. There is a beautiful young woman around whom the man has been secretly admiring without being courageous enough to approach her and the dog is aware of that. The dog decides to bring him closer to the pretty woman by playing the role of a matchmaker by coming up with a plan that will ensure the two meet.

You have to watch this video and see what happens when the unsuspecting duo meet. The sweet scene will surely melt your heart.

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