Great Dane Playfully Attempts To Hide Behind Tree And Adorably Fails


Canines love to play, just like us humans when we were kids. When we watch our dogs in the midst of a good game of catch or chase, the joy is mutual. In one viral act caught on camera, Norman the Great Dane was in a playful mood and decided to start a quick game of hide-and-seek — or really, hide-and-chase. It’s heartwarming and funny to watch the canine frolic in this one minute video!

At the beginning of the clip, we notice Norman happily galloping around what looks like a backyard. Next thing you know, the spotted cutie stops at a tiny tree and stares. What on Earth could Norman be doing?

Shortly later, we see a much smaller pup cross the Great Dane’s path, attempting to stop him from passing the tree. Too cute! Norman runs around the yard only to return to his original spot: behind a reasonably thin tree that certainly isn’t helping to conceal him from the other dog. (Sorry, Norman!)

The action continues in the video involving the game of hide-and-chase with Norman hiding in the same spot every time and then dodging the other puppy. After several rounds of this innocent play, Norman hides once again behind the same tree, the same place only to be there for a lot longer than usual. He waits and waits.