German Shepherd Learns To Save 4-Year-Old Girl From Complete Stranger!


The love between a dog and his little human friend comes up again and again—I think there are very few stories in which parents, and owners of dogs alike, feel their pet could have done better in protecting their child when they were in need. And it’s quite obvious that dogs need this kind of training sometimes to ensure that they always know how to respond to danger.

So, enter this trainer, his 4-year-old daughter, and their German Shepherd. The man is trying to teach both his daughter and the family dog how to protect themselves (and each other) if at any time they’re approached by a stranger, who may mean harm.

Watch how quick the civil dog is to jump on the “stranger” when the man begins the role play. He clearly senses danger in his voice, and jumps to defend his little friend—the 4-year-old girl. The dog hurriedly responds to the threat that the trainer is posing to the girl, and that’s exactly what any parents needs. But it’s clear in this video, that there is training and hard work involved to ensure that your pup is always reacting the way you want them to.