Tiny Chihuahua Is The Only Baby In The Family, But Then She Meets Newborn And Parents Hit ‘Record’


Introducing your dog to your new baby can be a stressful or a wonderful experience. There’s a good chance that during their time with you, your dog has been the center of your attention. They haven’t had to compete with a tiny, adorable baby.

A new baby will require much of your time, but hopefully, you can devote time to your pet as well, to avoid any issues of jealousy. Even though you may be exhausted from taking care of your newborn, your dog doesn’t understand why they no longer have the number one place in your life. It’s not hard to show your dog that there is enough room in both your heart and your home for everyone.

Some things can make introducing your beloved dog to a newborn a little easier. Parents.com recommends that you prepare your dog before you even bring the baby home by introducing them to some of the baby’s items, like the stroller. When you finally arrive home with your new addition, be prepared for your dog’s excitement. “Greet the dog first, since he’s missed you and will probably give you an enthusiastic hello. Then, after he’s chilled out, sit down with your baby and let your dog sniff him to get acquainted,” recommends dog trainer Victoria Stilwell.