Dog’s Herding “Technique” Isn’t What The Sheep Are Used To, The Internet Can’t Stop Chuckling


You can’t ask a fish to bark, or a dog to purr. Some traits are inherent to specific animals or breeds or personalities, and that’s just that. However, it’s still admirable to try and do something out of your comfort zone or see what it’s like and if you’re any good at it. And when you’re not? You’re not, and that’s ok! Everyone has their own set of gifts.

Nelson, the Norfolk terrier, may be the world’s worst sheepdog, but he is darn hilarious to watch, cute as a button, and I’m sure he’s got other fantastic redeeming qualities.

Nelson’s owner got quite a kick out of his spunky little dog who thought he was a border collie. And if even only for a few moments, he let Nelson have it. Maybe it was Nelson’s dream to try herding on for size for the day — he tried. In the first few moments, it looked like perhaps he was on to something. For a brief moment, he could have had the sheep herded, but things took a turn for the funny when instead of Nelson being in charge, it was the sheep who started charging him!

The owner was enjoying his dog’s determination. At about 15 seconds in, just as he starts hysterically laughing, he gives up trying to tell Nelson what to do. It’s at this point that the tiny dog starts running amok, going on a joy ride as the sheep pick up speed. Poor pup, I don’t think his technique is going to get him very far, but at least he got some good exercise, and the internet got a few chuckles! What a cutie.