Dad Plans Surprise On Daughters Last Day Of Chemo Bringing All To Tears Upon Sight Of Girls Face


As a parent it can be extremely difficult to see a young, innocent child sick, especially when there’s nothing you can do to make their pain go away. No one ever wants to see their child diagnosed with an illness or hurting, but unfortunately it is a reality for some. Christina Thompson and her husband Brett know this feeling all too well. Sadly, the young parents 2-year-old daughter Phoenix is currently battling leukemia.

After multiple grueling rounds of chemotherapy, the day finally came when little Phee would be receiving her last one. But on her last day she had no idea that her daddy had secretly planned a special visit to celebrate the special occasion. Even mom was startled to learn her husband’s plan. After the chemo a nurse entered Phee’s room and said a volunteer had dropped off princess dresses so she had snagged one up for little Phee. Her mom was thrilled and Phee couldn’t hide her excitement. She quickly put on the dress and was happily sitting on her bed when her daddy walked through the door.

Unbeknownst to Christina her husband had actually bought the princess dress and given it to the nurse to give to his baby girl as a surprise. When Phee sees her daddy all dressed up she’s thrilled and runs over to him the minute she sees him. That’s when he grabs his sweet girl into his arms and begins to dance, as a special song plays in the background. The sight is absolutely precious. Mom recorded the entire scene and posted it online where it quickly went viral. She then states, “I mean honestly I don’t think I could have picked a better man for my kids.” She thanks her husband saying, “Brett thank you for being just what our children need.” Watch the touching and emotional moment for yourself in the video below. Little princess Phee is one lucky girl to have her special daddy!