3 Nervous Kids Win The Crowd With Their Incredible Rendition Of “The Prayer”


A song truly has staying power when more than one artist has sung it and has added their personal touch. If it can be redone in different versions and performed by many different people, you know there’s something beautiful about it. Take for example “The Prayer,” first done by Josh Groban then launched into a mega-hit by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli who sang it together in their native English and Italian, respectively. It was an international single sung by two heavy-hitters who injected so much love and talent in the song.

And now, it’s trickled down. Performing on “The Voice Kids,” Matteo, Claudia, and Markus are ready to take on the powerful and intimidating song, and show the judges what they’re made of. Together, they’re ready to take it on!

The three tweens start slow and harmonic. Although they look shy, they muster the courage and begin on a strong note. The first voice brings a huge smile to one of the judges’ face. She stares longingly at the kids, looking very pleased with what she’s already hearing. And if this is only the first few seconds, the judge’s panel is seriously in for a treat.

It only gets better. The two other kids join in, and they all sing together, alternating between English and Italian, each voice intertwining with the next to create an ultra-lush and breathtaking sound. The three of them are a tour de force combination, enough to send rippling goosebumps from the nape of your neck down your spine and into your knees.