Jaguar Pounces On Small Dog. Just When Everyone Thinks It’s Hurt, He Bounces Back.


Have you ever been in or witnessed a friendship or a relationship where you simply thought, “How the heck does that work?” Surely we’ve all been speechless at one time or another in our lives in the weird and wonderful way that the world works. But, as they say, things work in mysterious ways, and the video below will leave you quite marveled.

In it, you’ll see a beautiful friendship — not between humans, not between two cats or two dogs — but between a jaguar and a pup! Never thought you’d live to see the day? We’re here to make that happen right now, and you’ll want to thank us later.

But the most adorable part of it all is the fact that these two show each other copious amounts of respect, love, and companionship. In fact, they’ve even been said to be more like brothers than anything else. And the funny part? Bullet, the Jack Russel pup, is the boss! When Bullet barks, Jag the Jaguar knows that play time is over!

They say that at one point, Bullet and Jag were separated; Jag continued to cry while Bullet sat at the gate, waiting for his friend to return. They missed each other so much that the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa, where the two currently reside, decided to put them back together.

Layla, the facility owner of the lodge, commented on this budding friendship by saying, “These two struck it off straight away. They don’t leave each other alone, they feed together, sleep together, do everything together.” This friendship is clearly going to stand the test of time, that’s for sure!