Woman Records Neighbour Hilariously Running In Circles, Failing To Catch Pet Rabbit In Box


I thought cats were bad! I’ve definitely had my fair share of trying to scoop up unruly kitties. They can be slippery and lightning quick when they’re in the mood. The moment they see a human reach down with extended arms, if a feline doesn’t want to be caught, she’ll dart and jump around as fast as possible. I’ve been bruised, banged and broken up trying to catch naughty cats!

Now rabbits are a little outside my territory. But, knowing that even these animals are bouncy and quick-moving little creatures who can bend and squeeze through anything, I can imagine they are the masters of escape. Don’t believe me? This video is proof!

A woman was at home when she happened to look out her window and bear witness to the hilarity going down next door. Her neighbor has built a makeshift fenced-in area to surround the furry escapee. He’s holding a box, wearing no shoes and he’s crouched down ready to make a move to catch the furball!

At first, he moves slowly, and with intention. The neighbor gives the rabbit space, not wanting to invade or make him feel nervous. The rabbit dodges left to right and then proceeds to run in circles around the human who is eagerly trying to catch him. You can hear the woman giggling, but her small giggles turn into full-on laughter as the man begins to around in circles, too. It’s at this point that his tenderness is replaced with frustration and he begins to speed up his hunt.