“Pregnant” Horse Appears Frantic With No Baby. Seconds Later, Farmers Hear Noises In Ant Hole


When there’s something wrong, you can usually feel it in the air. There’s a strange, eerie vibe that’s easy to pick up on. While it’s a little harder with animals, you can still absorb their energy by their erratic, out of the norm behaviour. There’s something just off.

In Brazil on a farm, a few farmers were in for a big surprise (and mini adventure!) when their horse Boneca was acting a little unusual – and she looked very different. The last time this mare was seen, which was only the night before, she was pregnant, very pregnant. And now, she wasn’t.

Boneca burst onto the scene not pregnant, alone and frantic. She was trotting quickly and erratically and trying to motion for help. She led the farmers some little ways away to a partly covered gaping hole where sounds were coming out. As the farmers edged in closer they could see part of the foal curled up inside.

To make matters even more urgent, this wasn’t an ordinary hole. This was a hole teeming with ants. The farmers knew they had to get to work immediately. They started digging, careful not to go too close to the baby horse’s head, careful to dig around him. While it’s a pretty awkward and uncomfortable space to find a baby foal, they farmers were able to dig him out quickly and efficiently. One, two, three and they pulled him up to safety! The reunion between mom and baby is really cute, and oh what a relief!