He Fed A Hungry Stranger In The Middle Of The Night. But The Stranger Gave Him The Shock Of His Life When He Said This.


Last night between midnight and 1am, I could not sleep. I decided to get up out of bed, get dressed and drive around to check on our families vacant lots and rental properties around Brownsville Olmito and Rancho Viejo. I usually do this 3 to 4 times a week. Tonight, was different… for it was well after midnight, a little cold, very windy and beginning to rain. Nonetheless I decided to head out.

For some reason, I chose to take my recently deceased fathers GMC pickup truck out for the night drive. On the visor of his truck, I keep a laminated copy of his photograph that is embedded onto one of the many laminated prayer cards given to us by the funeral home. I pulled it off the visor and looked at it as I started up his pickup.

I said ‘Hi Dad, I’m taking your truck out for a drive tonight, I really miss you.’

I just love my dad’s truck… When I get in it, it smells like him, it feels like him and all of his old tools and some of his personal items are still kept there just like he left them.

As I’m driving around, I decided to stop at one of our vacant properties where I spotted some recently dumped trash that someone decided to dispose of. As I begin to pick it up, I noticed a man wearing dirty, wet ragged clothes, slowly walking down the sidewalk across the street from me with a noticeable limp. It was very dark, very windy, fairly cold with a light rain and extremely quiet… other than the sound of the blowing wind. I continued to pickup the trash pitching it into the bed of my dads pickup, not noticing that the man had decided to cross the street and walk towards me.