Rescue Seagull Tap Dances On Demand, Impressing The Internet With An Impromptu Performance


I know a lot of humans who dance like no one is watching. They can be professionally trained people who dance for a living, and like to have a good time when they’re out and about with some friends or, there are also those who can’t dance to save their lives, but they will get on the dance floor at a party and dance the night away with their company. And, that’s how it should be! Regardless of how well you dance, or how badly you do the shimmy, you should always dance to your heart’s content.

If you need a little bit of encouragement, then consider watching the seagull in the video below — I can guarantee that his birdie will have you dancing in no time!

So, if you can’t fathom what you just read up there, then let me repeat myself: there is a dancing seagull in town and he loves to tap dance! At his human’s command, this little guy starts to tap dance better than a lot of humans. I know I can say this for myself — he tap dances much better than I do because I don’t know a thing about the dance form.

Tony is a Ring-billed seagull who resides at the Messinger Woods Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center. It’s at this rehab center that the smart birdie is learning how to pick up on, and then follow, these commands.