Newly Adopted Dog Saves Dying Hummingbird Covered In Ants, Convinces Owner To Keep It


Animals, just like humans, can sense certain things and tend to know if something is wrong. However, sometimes animals can sense things before we can or can even have different perceptions than us in a given situation. When Ed Gernon, a man from Whittier, California adopted a feral pup from a local animal shelter in 2015, one situation proved that the German Sherperd mix had phenomenal senses just a month after he was adopted.

So, to cut to the chase, Rex the dog discovered a hummingbird covered in ants on the ground one day while on a walk with his owner. He seemed as if he was protecting the presumably dead hummingbird. (Who would have thought a large canine would even think to try to help a tiny bird?! Too cute!)

But Ed instantly believed the featherless bird was long gone. He tried to direct the dog away from the “dead” hummingbird seeing that there was no hope, but he wouldn’t budge.