Vet Warns Pet Owners Of Hidden Danger Why You Should Always Do 11 Second “Test” Before Walking Dog This Summer


Animal lover Debbie French has a word of advice for pet owners during the summertime. We all know that a child and a pet can perish in a hot vehicle even if the windows are lowered a bit.

But pet owners don’t always think about their animals’ feet. If the concrete is too hot for your tootsies, it definitely is too toasty for your pet.

If you’re out and about on a warm summer’s day and notice that your pooch doesn’t want to walk but instead plops down on the ground, it’s likely not because he or she is being stubborn. The concrete is actually burning your pet’s feet.

Another animal lover, Chrissy Morin, explained that the pads of a dog’s feet are no thicker than the bottom of a human’s feet. So before venturing outside for a walk or to attend an event, check the surface of the sidewalk or an asphalt surface and protect your pooch.