Country Music Star Serenades His Adorable Chocolate Lab


Even though Brett Eldredge is a world famous country music singer, he still makes time for the important things in life. In between tour stops, interviews and photoshoots, Brett loves to spend his time in the company of loved ones and his precious pup, Edgar Boogie.

Brett and Edgar are two peas in a pod – wherever Brett goes, Edgar Boogie is sure to follow!

Anyone who’s listened to Brett’s music can attest to the fact that he is a softie at heart! He’s gained international attention because of his gentle voice and heartfelt love songs. That’s why it makes so much sense that he and Edgar are inseparable.

If you take a peek at Brett’s social media pages, you’ll see silly photos of Edgar and adorable videos of them palling around!

Right now, Brett is in the middle of promotong his new single “The Long Way” and is busy touring the country with Luke Bryan. Despite his busy schedule, Brett makes sure to spend time with his number one fella.

They go on walks, play fetch and adventure in the great outdoors whenever time permits. In addition to the usual Doggy-Daddy stuff, Edgar loves one purely human quailty of Brett’s: his voice.