He Clings On Him, And Then This Happens


It’s 2012, and a dog named Sampson would really love to join the family for some good summertime in the pool. The problem is, the heavy dog – just 8 months old and weighing a weighty 120 poundsat the time – can’t swim, so he has to cling on Dad to avoid drowning. The Dad is quite supportive.

After that day, Dad had to do something, so he took Sampson back to the pool and started teaching him how to swim. Step by step, step by step. Sampson learned the tricks.

Now, one year can make a big difference when a dog is getting older and learningmore and cooler tricks. After posting the first video when Sampson was clinging on him, Stephen updated it after a year, and what a difference!

Simpson can now dive into the pool and beat the waters, all on his own!

That’s not the end of it. As you watch the video, you’ll be listening to this hit song that has created some heavy buzz over the years. “I Will Always Love You,” is the song, and you can’t stop nodding to the kind of love this family has for Sampson. Wonderful!