Sleepy Lions Pass Bouncy Balls To Each Other In The Laziest Way Possible


Just about everyone loves the majestic nature of the lion. These amazing creatures are well known for their strength, speed, agility, and all-around power.

But not a lot of people realize just how much like cats these “big cats” really are. But when you see the hilarious video below, you’ll easily agree that these massive felines are just as lazy and cute as the cats inside your own home!

The three sleepy lions in the video below are all well taken care of and kept in a safe home to ensure their species’ continued success. And when you watch the video below, you’ll easily agree just how cute these usually fierce animals really are!

We’ve all grown to expect to see these amazing creatures running around the wild savannah, chasing down prey in heart-pumping races all across the plains. We’re used to imagining the powerful claws and gigantic teeth these beasts have at their disposal being put to good use — so to see these wild leaders of the pride lazily playing with bouncy balls is quite a surprise. And no one can hold back their smiles!

The video is honestly pretty soothing to watch, and it features some of nature’s most powerful animals acting like tiny baby kittens.