Beautiful Horses Act Like Puppies When They See Fresh Snow


With the recent snowfall all across our huge country countless people have filmed themselves playing and frolicking in the soft white snow. From the adorable expressions on the faces of little toddlers who have never seen snow before to the joyous yips and squeaks coming from dogs who love to play, no matter where it happened one thing was certain: Everyone loves to play in the snow!

So when one woman decided to film her large herd of horses romping in the snow, she wasn’t expecting her adorable video to go viral!

It was simple enough. The blizzard had passed, but in its wake it left behind nearly two feet of accumulated snowfall. As exhausting as it was to walk through the snow, she knew she wanted to see her horses playing.

So when she finally reached the larger segment of her horse’s grazing area, she set them free to roam around and play! After nights of being cooped up in the barn to stay safe from the freezing blizzard, these horses were so excited to finally stretch their legs and run around in the snow!

The joy and happiness theses horses show is so adorable. One of the white horses lays down on his back and rubs himself in as much snow as possible. These big babies run around just like kids home from school celebrating a snow day! With big mama leading the way, we couldn’t help but smile throughout this whole adorable little video!

Please watch this adorable video if you love horses.