Homeless Dog Too Sick To Move, Collapsed In The Rain – Now Watch When Animal Heroes Step In


Animals need love and attention.

Animal Aid Unlimited was called in to rescue a street dog. It was raining, and Millie lay on the grass unable to stand. She was too weak to find shelter.

The rescuers covered her with a blanket before taking her to a shelter. The dog was releasing fluids and pus from her vagina, and the rescuers suspected it was a severe case of pyometra. Pyometra is an infection of the uterus that causes death and septicemia if left untreated.

Millie was almost unconscious. The rescuers stabilized her before starting treatment.

The dog needed urgent surgery. The rescuers discovered her uterus was five times bigger than the usual size. After the surgery, Millie appeared to feel much better. However, since the infection had spread across her body, she would need a few weeks to recover.

If Animal Aid Unlimited had not come to Millie’s rescue, she would be dead. Thanks to their efforts, the dog has a new lease of life. She is happy, healthy, and playful.

Wondering how Millie is fairing?