Bird sits on top of Freddie’s statue – The moment she starts singing has everyone in stitches


If you know anything about good songs, then you’ll nod to the fact that Freddie Mercury’s are the type that cause goosebumps on people. That said, you can understand why a parrot would want to master some of the nicest hits from this star. Meet May-Cyan, the cockatiel that’s about to blow your mind away!

Now, May-Cyan’s owners happen to play in a band, and that’s one good thing that explains how this parrot got to know about Freddie Mercury’s songs. May-Cyan isn’t just a curious little being. She’s the perfect voice when it comes to taking on Freddie Mercury’s hits and actually acing them. She also loves songs by Queen. Get set for this!

In the clip, you watch as May-Cyan rests on a Freddie statue and sets about entertaining you with one heck of a performance of the star’s hit, “Another One Bites The Dust.” She also knows stuff about “Radio Ga Ga!”