Trendy Fish Foot Spa Experience Sends Mom Into A Frenzy


People who are even the slightest bit ticklish might want to sidestep the fad known as fish foot spas. These ticklish types of pedicures are believed to have originated in the Middle East before becoming trendy in the United States. All a person does is stick her feet simultaneously into a water-based tank filled with so-called “doctor fish,” also known as Garra ruffa. The fish are supposed to suck off the dead skin from a person’s feet, leaving them smooth and soft. Many tanks are filled with approximately 100 fish, which can be somewhat intimidating.

As a person’s feet dangle in the water, the fish usually latch on quite quickly to the entire foot, even between the toes eek! The Garra ruffa measure approximately one to two inches long and are not actually biting you, but are sucking the skin off. It can feel like being pricked with a pin to some people; for others, it is quite a ticklish sensation. For Ohio native Jacquie Wehmeyer, her first experience with a fish pedicure proved to be quite an adventure. Jacquie was curious about what a fish foot spa was like – and boy was she in for a surprise!

She dunked just one foot into the clear plexiglass tank filled with fish and decorative marbles. But it proved to be just too much for her. She started giggling, then laughed more heartily, then progressed to full on freak out mode. But her hilarious reaction is not done yet. Watch Jacquie’s comical response in the video below. You’ll laugh right along with her!