She Cuts Through Aluminum Foil For A Reason I’m Stunned I Never Knew.


There are many fascinating tips and tricks out there, but they may not be used often. This video gathers several of the best tricks that are most likely to be helpful every day, or at least on a regular basis. It begins showing a device that needs a battery. However, the only battery on hand is too small to fit. With this simple tip they get the device working in no time at all.

Next they show a great way to differentiate between people’s glasses using colorful balloons. This is perfect for parties or even just making sure each member of the family gets their own cup each day. They have a creative key holder, and a helpful way to put a bracelet on for people who don’t have someone to help. Dropping batteries is even proved to be a quick way to identify which ones are charged.

From making your own tool to drawing a perfect circle, these tips are quite handy. Even dull scissors are taken care of with an easy trick that anyone should have the supplies for. A cool trick with a magnet helps out with screws. All of these ideas are perfect for making life that much easier every day.