Shivering Pit Bull on Top of Flooded Car Won’t Let People Save Him, But Two Refuse to Give Up on Him


Hurricane Harvey has caused pain and suffering to Texas and Louisiana residents. The floods have displaced thousand and wreaked havoc. While others were able to evacuate, some were trapped in a mess created by the natural disaster.

Rescue teams and first respondents have been on the ground to save any stranded animals and humans. However, they had trouble rescuing a stranded pit bull. The dog hunkered down from the car’s roof with nowhere to go. Some people lured him to their boats to no avail.

Fortunately, one of the rescue volunteers has the right bait to lure the scared dog. He had some beef jerky with him and it appeared to appease the dog. Thanks to their selfless efforts, the pit bull was safe for the first time in two days.

The volunteers refused to leave the dog behind. They later discovered he was a friendly dog. They named him Harvey and plan to adopt him if the owners do not claim him. The volunteers, Kyle and Roy, have been applauded for their determination in a seemingly-impossible situation.

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