Watch What Happens When These 12 Horses Reach To The Man In The Background


You are about to watch a clip that will surely leave you breathless. Among people that have been able to read the minds of the horses and learn how to fully control them is a guy by the name of Lorenzo. To just to let you know a little bit about this “Horse Whisperer,” is that he was born in a family that used to breed horses. This opportunity gave him a chance of growing up with them and learning all their ways of living, which he later used to as an added advantage when it comes to controlling them. This self-taught horse guider has had very many chances of performing before important people among them kings, presidents and queens.

The clip below is full of amazing tricks that 12 horses do under the guidance of Lorenzo. It is breathtaking to see how these horses perform in harmony and with no mistake at all. The only answer to this is that there is a very good communication between him and the horses and for a man to ride on horses while he is standing, means that the level of confidence is very high.

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