When War Vet Brought Home Abused Service Dog, He Never Expected THIS…


Larry is a Vietnam War Veteran. He has a service dog named Thunder. The duo have an amazing story that proves animals and humans can be the best of friends.

Thunder is a 12-year dog weighing 80 pounds. Ironically, Thunder is scared of thunder. The dog was previously abused and reacts to the sound of any sharp noise. However, that does not stop him from being Larry’s best friend.

Larry has numerous health problems and partially blind in his right eye. Larry has suffered several heart attacks and a mild stroke. His doctors recommended a service dog. When Thunder came into Larry’s life, the sickly man got a new lease of life. Unlike other service dogs, Thunder walks on the right side and guides Larry during their walks.

Thunder loves road trips. The mention of road trips makes him go berserk. The duo takes long walks and play together. Thunder loves playing in the water but Larry exercises caution.

The friendship between Larry and his dog teaches us a thing or two about friendship. It teaches us how to be decent human beings to our fellow humans and animals too.