Traffic Warden Spots Abandoned Piano In The Middle of Street, But His Hidden Talent Has Heads Turning


Never judge book by its cover. Most of us has instantly the image of the serious and tough guy whenever we see a cop. This video proves that even the unlikely suspects can sometimes have unexpected hidden talents within.

So when a traffic warden was doing his job, he came across an abandoned wooden piano on the street. Luckily someone who was just walking next to him happened to capture this amazing moment on camera for everyone else to see.

As it turns out, this traffic warden really is professional pianist Brendan Kavanagh, known professionally as Dr. K. The moment he starts to play, he seemed lost in his melody, tinkling the ivories like I’ve ever seen before. Oftentimes we find ourselves surprised when we learn of other people’s hidden talents.

Watch Dr. K’s impromptu performance in a busy street in the video below. You’ll love the song he selects to play.