Owner Splashes Water On Thirsty Owl With Squirt Bottle – Its Hilarious Reaction Has The Internet On Fire


This beautiful owl was feeling thirsty, so he decided to ask for some water from his owner, he left his cozy perch and flew to his human. What began as a quick squirt from a spray bottle to quench Curbie’s thrist finished into a stunning bath time that has left fans of this bird in awe.

Curbie is not a wild animal but he is raised as a pet bird, so he needs to stay hydrated in a special way. The Owls Trustexplains that captive-bred and hand-reared owls can be very adorable and good-natured, much like Curbie appears to be.

Raising an owl isn’t that easy. Owl owners should have an experience in owl care and behavior, however, because owls are still considered to be birds of prey even if raised in a domestic environment. When Curbie’s owner obliged his request for a spritz of water, the owl then decided to engage his owner in bath time.

The Bird Ecology Study Group states that owls in the wild tend to take baths to clean their feathers. They flap their wings under shallow waters to splatter water all over their body, then vigorously shake the water off followed by preening.

Curbie takes water sprays on his face and torso, but his next amazing move is simply breathtaking. He fully spreads out his wings, then marvels the internet with his next position. The owl’s funny reaction has gone viral on Facebook and has been shared half a million times!

He apparently wants a very thorough bath and his owner is happy to oblige. But apparently Curbie isn’t a fan of a full bath, because he shoots off the table when the owner spritzes his backside.

Watch this glorious creature position itself for a full bath then see it take flight when he’s done. It’s a splendid sight to see up close!