Dog Tired of Sitting and Waiting for His Owner in The Car, Hilariously Takes Matters into His Own Paws


The day Melissa went out for shopping, she never expected to film a hilarious moment right at the parking lot of a mall. That’s before she saw two dogs acting all nasty after their owner left them in the car. Apparently, the owner stepped out and walked into the mall, and the dogs obviously knew that their cool human was probably going in to grab some snacks for them. But that didn’t stop them from doing this!

The moment the owner went away, one of the dogs jumped into the driver’s seat and started something that threatened to break all of Melissa’s ribs. It’s too hilarious!

Watch as the impatient pet friend in the backseat isn’t entirely innocent either. He acts as if he’s trying to look out for his mischievous buddy. This got me off the seat!

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