Tiny Stray Kitten Walks Up to Him Asking for Food and Love. Now a Year Later..


When a small feline member approached Casey Shaw while he was out skateboarding, he didn’t expect it to turn into a relationship so fast. That’s until the little cat ended up stealing the man’s whole heart. That’s interesting!

At the time of the fateful meeting, little Margot was a beat-down cat about to succumb to various diseases. She had eye and respiratory infections. She was coughing and sneezing and just trying hard to stay alive. And she was so hungry!

From the word go, Casey knew he couldn’t leave this sweet thing to die so miserable, so he got a box from his car, scooped up the little creature and headed right to the vet. He got her checked up and treated, and then he embarked on a mission to make her life great. You can bet these two have had one heck of a great year together. See her now!

Margot loves that nice and overly fulfilling feeling of being carried on the back. She’s sweet and curious and acting out all cutely. You just need to see her to really “get it.”

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