Pit Bull Waits for UPS Driver Everyday. When Tragedy Strikes The Two Become Like Family


The bond between a man and a dog is unique and strong. When the owner dies, it is heartbreaking since it is hard to find a replacement. Sometimes, the next of kin or family members are unable to adopt the dog because of various reasons.

Leo, a pit bull, and Katie Newhouser, a UPS driver, share a special bond. Katie and Leo have developed a bond for the past two years. Every time Katie delivered a package to Leo’s house, the pit bull would wag her tail and greet her with kisses. Leo would even hop up into her parked truck when she made deliveries in the complex.

Tina, Leo’s owner, passed away unexpectedly. Leo was left homeless as the family members did not want to look after the pit bull during the mourning period. Katie stepped in and agreed to look after the dog.

It was a temporary arrangement that later became permanent. Trina’s relative allowed Katie to adopt the dog after they saw how it bonded with her other five dogs.

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