Battle-Scarred Feral Cat Hated Human Contact, Until Tiny Kittens Walk into Room


When a little animal is only used to tough fights and hard survival the only thing they know is meanness and keeping a distance from everyone else. That’s why the rescuers had to understand this little, innocent feral cat by the name of mason.

Mason had lived almost the whole of his life in a barn, rummaging around for food and fighting off enemies. When a developer came in to destroy the barn, Mason and his other feral friends suddenly found themselves homeless. But the developer was a kind one, so he contacted a local animal rescue team, Tinny Kittens, who showed up and rescued them. They found that Mason had some life-threatening infections. He was also not very happy about keeping contact with anyone. They almost wanted to put him to sleep!

A volunteer took him home to stay with her other foster cats. One day, she let them all out to play. You’ll love what she captured!

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