Kitten With Deformed Hind Legs is Rejected by Its Mother Stuns Rescuer With Miraculous Transformation


Would you adopt a disabled feline or pet for that matter?

Meet Noodle. Noodle was born with deformed hind legs and her mother left her. Nobody expected Noodle to survive but one woman gave her a fighting chance.

The kitten was lying on a porch when Sarah Philips spotted her. Her hind legs look like pretzel making her unable to walk around. Sarah adopted the 2-days-old feline.

Sarah bottle fed Noodle and nursed her back to health. Despite the sleepless nights, the kitten opened her eyes for the first time. Sarah took Noodle to the vet and everyone loved her. All the vets come running whenever she has an appointment.

Sarah says Noodle is a fighter. Despite her disability and respiratory infection, she survived. After a week of medication, she is responding well.

Noodle loves to cuddle and is the happiest cat in the world.

At six weeks, Noodle is trying to be independent and loves playing with her stuffed bunny. Although she is still tiny for her age, she improving each passing day.