Curious guy touches museum glass ignoring ‘Don’t Touch’ sign — then immediately regrets doing so


This man decided to make a brave move when he walked up to a museum display screen in Washington, D.C., but he had no clue a scary predator is soon coming his way! the image of an attacking shark terrified him so much that he fell right over!

Now his wild reaction is going super viral. Watch for yourself and you’ll understand why he was so scared! We can relate!

In particular, humans are scared of the giant jaws and razor-sharp teeth! That’s exactly why this display at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. is so frightening. It might even give you flashbacks of the Jaws movies.

Everyone is probably scared of those giant jaws and razor-sharp teeth! and this is why this display at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. is extremely terrifying.

Even he already noticed the “try at your own risk” sign, this man’s curious nature couldn’t hold him back from discovering what’s actually about. You’ll watch with anticipation as he begins to try the interactive display. At first it seems harmless and unexciting.

He cautiously tapped on the screen, within moments, a shark suddenly appeared swimming along the screen. Nothing to be afraid of for the moment, right? Now wait a few seconds..

Then the man go ahead courageously and tapped for the second time, the shark charged at him! The image of an enormous shark ‘attacking’ him caused the man to topple over in fear. It’s frightening!

We can’t blame him! Take a peek at this hair-raising museum display pressing “play” on the video below.