A Perched Owl Is Struggling To Free Itself. Now Watch What This Man Is About To Do


It’s at someplace near the 1st Tee Box, and these two people, Dora and Devin, have noticed something very unusual in the vicinity. Apparently, there’s this Great Horned Owl that seems to have taken quite an interest in hanging out around the place. Is there something they don’t know?

This owl has spent the night perched here, and it’s all into the day now and the creature doesn’t seem bothered to even change positions. Well, they have to investigate. Turns out, the poor thing is caught up in a fishing line and can’t get free, and now he’s forced to just stay there feeling sorry about himself. But humans are kind people, especially when the Lost Creek Country Club is involved. That’s how Craig Loving gets into the picture.

The video here captures that epic moment when this guy approaches the owl. His intentions are clear. This creature needs to be free and taken care of, and this man isn’t going to give up until that happens. Watch him in action!