Terrifed Confused Senior Dog Left Behind in The Streets After Family Moved Away


Hope for Paws is an animal rescue organization based out of Las Angeles, California. They got a call about an older dog left on the streets. The owner moved and left the dog behind.

Neighbors have been feeding the dog for around a year. Members JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo saw the dog on the side of the road. When they tried to approach him, he walked away.

The women put food in a crate in an effort to lure the dog. He was hungry but was wary of the trip. They tried to feed him by hand. In a couple of minutes the dog came to them and they were able to get a leash around him. The dog was nervous but trusted them.

The dog was named Pumba and he was gently. They were able to take him to the animal hospital. Pumba loved the attention and was the first time he got any love in a long time.

Pumba now has a foster family while he awaits a home. He is happy, loves to be the center of attention, and is glad to be with a family. He does not have to worry about being left alone again.