Kids Are Too Busy to Spend Christmas with Lonely Dad: What He Does Next Will Leave You Weeping


It was yet another Christmas season and the grandfather in the clip below got a message from her daughter and her granddaughter that they were not coming for the Christmas. The reasons as to why they would not come was best known to them. He again got other messages from his sons that they also were not coming.

One of his sons said that he was in China for business, while the other said that he was held up with the hospital work and it would be very expensive to go home.

Tired with all kind of excuses, this old man planned for a way that he would make his sons and daughter come home for the Christmas. He chose to say that he had died.

He got all planned and made sure that he had sent all his sons and daughter his funeral invitations. Upon getting the invitation, they got worried and set for home to attend the burial of his dad. In the clip below, you see as the children step inside the house and get surprised to see their father still alive and kicking.

The grandfather’s mission was accomplished when he saw that all his children were there for Christmas since they never attended for such an occasion for a long time now.
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