Toddler Tries to Hold Crying Kitten. Now Watch When Mom Cat Steps In..


Pets are part of our families and should be handled with caution.

It is important that parents teach their children how to respect and handle the pets. It helps them grow into responsible adults who respect animals.

A video has been making rounds showing a toddler holding a kitten. Mama cat does not appear happy with her little kitty on the toddler’s arms. She swoops into action and tries to grab her kitten from the toddler.

The kitten is in distress. When Mama Cat tries to get her kitten, the little girl runs away as she calls out her mother. Finally, Mama Cat manages to get the kitten and takes her to safety. The toddler cannot handle the disappointment and starts crying.

As the entire situation unfolded, you can hear the toddler’s father laughing in the background, unaware of the possible risks that might erupt.

There is nothing wrong with small children interacting with pets. However, it is important that children learn to handle the pets properly.

From the footage, it is evident Mama Cat was not pleased with the toddler holding her kitten. Also, toddlers are clumsy and could up hurting the kitten.